Friday, September 5, 2008

Tum Ho To Gaata Hai Dil

After I read about this film on here, here and here and after reading the recent interview of Clinton Cerejo on the Drift, I just had to listen to the songs. Also hoping I will get to watch it soon.

So since last couple of days it's been Rocking on my speakers. Different kind of album this one is. It makes me want to listen to the whole album live with the band. That would be simply awesome! My favorite songs include this one and both the ones by female singers. I also like the title track a lot.

This one brought back so many memories. I will share that in the next post.

tum ho to gaata hai dil
tum nahin to geet kahaan
tum ho to hai sab haasil
tum nahin to kya hai yahaan
tum ho to hai sapno ke jaisaa haseen ek samaa
jo tum ho to yeh lagtaa hai ke mil gayi har khushi
jo tum na ho yeh lagtaa hai ke har khushi mein hai kami
tum ko hai maangti yeh zindagi

ho ho... ho ho... ho ho ho ho ho (3)

tum ho to raahen bhi hai
tum nahin to raste kahaan
tum ho to yahaan sab hi hai
tum nahin to kaun yahaan
tum ho to hai har ek pal meherbaan yeh jahaan
jo tum ho to hawaa mein bhi mohabbaton ka rang hai
jo tum na ho to phir koyi na josh na umang hai
tum mile to mili yeh zindagi

ho ho... ho ho... ho ho ho ho ho (2)

Film: Rock On!! (2008)
Singer: Farhan Akhtar
Music Director: Shankar Ehsaan Loy
Lyrics: Javed Akhtar
Picturized on: Farhan Akhtar, Prachi Desai & Others


Full audio:


Cuckoo said...

Even I liked this song very much. :-)

And the movie was fantastic.


Cuckoo said...

And I am listening to the song right now.

Cuckoo said...

Oh I have come back again to the same post !!
I am never gonna be tired of this song. lol..

Jaydip Mehta said...

Indeed different kind of album by genius trio SEL (Shanker, Ehsann, Loy). Truly rocking. It has mixture of all kind of songs. I may be wrong but till now I have never heared this much heavy rock music in bollywood.
And please please please watch this movie. Its an excellent movie. You will miss it, if you do not watch it. Its worth any amount.

Btw, this song is sung by Farhan, I guess. I have not listned to female version of it yet.

Kanan said...

Cuckoo, great to know you too liked the song. I am yet to watch the movie. And I'm also listening to the song right now. :D I agree... those special songs we never get tired of listening to, do we?

Jaydip, very right. Even I haven't heard such rock in HFM. I will surely catch the film. :) Need to find time for it. Is there a female version of this song? I haven't heard of it. Let me know.

Jaydip Mehta said...

I read, "...My favorite songs include this one and both the ones by female singers..."
So I thought you mean that you have listened to female version of it ..

Kanan said...

Oh aisa kya? No, no, Jaydip, I meant for the only two songs in the film sung by girls...

1) yeh tumhaari meri baatein
2) phir dekhiye

Have you listened to them?

Jaydip Mehta said...

Hmm .. Now I understood that statement .. Sorry for mess up ..
And ya, I listened to both of them .. In fact since last 2 weeks I am listening to all rock on songs repeatedly.. And probably will keep on listening to it until I get fed up of it ... Music is completely non-bollywood style and rocking ..

Jaydip Mehta said...

I found out female version of this song! Before you listen to it let me tell you few things, a) it is not sung by any professional singer b) Recording quality is not up-to-the-mark.
Otherwise this song sounds great is female voice.
Happy listening,

Jaydip Mehta said...

click here ..

Kanan said...

Hey Jaydip, thanks for the link. Rinky has nice voice. I enjoyed listening to her version.