Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Nathaniyaa Haale To Badaa Mazaa Hoye

I tried very hard to get a video of this one, but it's no where to be found. One of the most hilarious songs I've ever heard/watched. Even the lyrics are so funny. I had quite a hard time understanding some of the words so you'll see some ridiculous ones in there but that's what I've heard. If you can catch the correct ones, do share.

This is a must watch movie and a must watch song, if you do get a chance that is. I've forgotten the movie and vaguely remember the song but do know that it's definitely worth a listen. I've added the esnips link to the audio for your listening. Enjoy!

aa aa
yeh kaun aaj aaya andhere andhere
udhar bhi lootere idhar bhi 'hehehe' lootere
ho pataa yeh chalegaa savere savere
khule bhaag kis ke bari tere ke mere

nathaniya haale to badaa mazaa hoye
haaye nathaniya
wadi nathaniya haale to badaa mazaa hoye
nathaniya haale to badaa mazaa hoye

lakhpati dulhe ki main
lakhpati dulhaniyaan (2)
aur bhi sajaa lo wadi gehno se sajaniyan
gehno se sajaniyan
paato? kamariyaa pe haaye
paato? kamariyaa pe
heere ki sajaniyan
wadi sadanli
kamariyaa chaale to badaa mazaa hoye (2)

achha hua dafaa hua mora pehla saiyaan
mora pehla saiyaan
nahin kab?? kaise leta
gori ki balaiyaa (2)
dekh pighla doon?? main to
thumak thumak chhaiyan
panjaniya haale to badaa mazaa hoye
nathaniya haale to badaa mazaa hoye

maar diya hai maine aankhon ke salaam se
aankhon ke salaam se
aisa diya jaam maine
gaye piya kaam se
gaye wadi kaam se
dagmagaaye ladkhadaaye (2)
pehle hi jaam se
gardaniyaa (hic)
gardaniyaa haale to badaa mazaa hoye (2)

kisi ko na mili aisi
naach dil-o-gaai re (2)
dil mera saaf loota
toone o harjaai re (2)
tujhe bhi dikhaaye koi haaye
tujhe bhi dikhaaye koi haath ki safaai re
daaku pe daka
daaku pe daka daale to badaa mazaa hoye (2)
nathaniya haale to badaa mazaa hoye (2)

Film: Johar Mehmood In Hong Kong (1971)
Singer: Shamshad Begum
Music Director: Kalyanji Anandji
Lyrics: Qamar Jalalabadi
Picturized on: Mehmood, Johar Mehmood & Others (or so I remember)

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Added on July 1, 2010:
This is a partial song only and it starts after 2:40 mins in this clip.

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