Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lover's Conversation

There are no lyrics for this one as it is an instrumental but since I talk about music on here, thought I'd put this on here as well.

I listen to these when I get bored of listening to the Hindi Film music... it's very soothing and refreshing. I am yet to find another album like this one, which is slow, and classical.

The album is called Lover's Conversation and has the following six tracks.

Rememberance - This one makes me all emotional... churns out your heart kind of. The santoor is quite nice and so is the flute and saarangi... touches your heart.

Joy of Yaman - I really enjoy listening to this one at any time really. The sitar and the flute are simply beautiful! They take me out of this world...

Only Love - This one starts off slowly and picks up after about 3 minutes. This one a romantic one like the name describes.

Lover's Conversation - The first two minutes of this track alone has an ability to make you teary eyed. Love the flute in this one.

Grief Seperation - Nice santoor and flute in this one, it makes me those emotions as the name states.

Enchanting Melody - This one reminds me of songs "mera kuch saaman..." and "chingaari koi bhadke..." for some reason. May be it's the raag. It's very enjoyable piece and the longest of all - more than some 12 mins long.

Album: Lover's Conversation
Composer: Arjan Daswani
Santoor: Tarun Bhattacharya
Flute: Pandit Ronu Majumdar
Saarangi: Ustad Liyaqat Khan
MIO Link:

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