Sunday, September 12, 2010

Savere Ka Suraj Tumhaare Liye Hai

There is something about this song that stumped me the first time I listened to it today. For some reason, it reminds me of similar to huzoor is kadar, but the high notes and music and lyrics make it a completely different number. The mood is completely different too, quite philosophical. Lyrics is what I love about this one the most along with Kishoreda's voice.

Papu also shared a bit of trivia that both the Mukherjee actors in this one are actually real life brothers. I was surprised to know that. Both look completely different and with totally different fates I should add. Joy being so famous in so many Hindi films where as I don't remember watching Deb in any thing until today. Or may be I didn't notice him because he wasn't that famous. The song is beautiful nevertheless.

savere ka sooraj tumhaare liye hai
yeh bujhate diye ko na tum yaad karnaa
hue ek beeti hui baat hum to (2)
koyi aansoo hum par na barbaad karnaa
savere ka sooraj tumhaare liye hai

tumhaare liye hum tumhaare diye hum
lagan ki agan mein abhi tak jale hai
hamaari kami tum ko mahasoos kyon ho (2)
tumhaari subah hum tumhe de chale hai
jo hardum tumhari khushi chaahte hai (2)
udaas ho ke un ko na naashaad karnaa
savere ka sooraj tumhaare liye hai

sabhi waqt ke aage jhukte rahe hai
kisi ke liye waqt ruktaa nahin hai
badi tez raftaah hai zindagi ki (2)
kisi ke liye koyi ruktaa nahin hai
chaman se jo ek phool bichhadaa to kyaa hai (2)
naye gul se gulshan ko aabaad karnaa
savere ka sooraj tumhaare liye hai

chiraag apni dharti ka bujhataa hai jab bhi (2)
sitaare to ambar ke hote nahin hai
koyi naav toofaan mein jab doobeti hai
kinaare to saagar ke hote nahin hai (2)
hai hum dolati naav doobe to kyaa hai (2)
kinaare ho tum tum naa fariyaad karnaa
savere ka sooraj tumhaare liye hai
tumhaare liye hai (5)

Film: Ek Baar Muskura Do (1972)
Singer: Kishore Kumar
Music Director: O. P. Nayyar
Lyrics: Indeevar
Picturized on: Deb Mukharjee, Joy Mukherjee, Tanuja, Iftekhar, Others


avdi said...

I saw this movie twice just for the lovely songs.

Kanan said...

Avdi, thanks. That makes me want to see it too. Is it a sad movie? I am hoping not.