Friday, February 19, 2010

Dil mein kisi ke pyaar ka...

The goodness of 70s is going to prevail around here for a while. We've got the 70s week coming up!

I had only overheard this song until today... and when I listened to it, I realized what a wonderful song it was. Too bad they only have single stanza for Kishore Kumar's version, but it's delicious nevertheless! Both songs are beautiful... but one gives a philosophical romantic mood while the other playful romantic.

Leena C. looks gorgeous in a white maxi dress (how did they go out of style again?) in the female version of the song and Sharmila sensual in the male version of this rainy song. I wonder which one comes first in the story. In the male version, we also get a glimpse of a very handsome Ashok Kumar. It must feel so different to have close family members work with you... I was thinking that about Kishore Kumar singing, Leena Chandavarkar acting in the film along with Ashok Kumar...

Thanks to such marvelous singers, lovely work of music director and God knows how many more musicians along with the lyricist we get to enjoy double the goodness of this creation!

(dil mein kisi ke pyaar kaa jaltaa hua diyaa
duniyaa ki aandhiyon se bhalaa yeh bujhegaa kyaa) (2)

saanson ki aanch paa ke bhadakta rahegaa yeh (2)
seene mein dil ke saath dhadakta rahegaa yeh
dhadakta rahegaa yeh
woh naqsh kyaa huaa jo mitaaye se mit gayaa
woh dard kyaa huaa jo dabaaye se dab gayaa
dil mein kisi ke pyaar kaa jaltaa hua diyaa
duniyaa ki aandhiyon se bhalaa yeh bujhegaa kyaa

yeh zindagi bhi kyaa hai amaanat unhi ki hai (2)
yeh shaayari bhi kyaa hai inaayat unhi ki hai
inaayat unhi ki hai
ab woh karam kare ke sitam unkaa faislaa
hum ne to dil mein pyaar kaa sholaa jalaa liyaa
dil mein kisi ke pyaar kaa jaltaa hua diyaa
duniyaa ki aandhiyon se bhalaa yeh bujhegaa kyaa

Film: Ek Mahal Ho Sapnon Ka (1975)
Singer: Kishore Kumar (solo), Lata Mangeshkar (solo)
Music Director: Ravi
Lyrics: Sahir Ludhianvi
Picturized on: Dharmendra, Sharmila Tagore, Leena Chandavarkar, Ashok Kumar

Female version:

Male version:


Beth said...

Lovely! I don't think I've seen Leena in anything before...hmm.... Agreed: re: maxi dresses - and Dharmendra's shirt in the first song ain't too shabby either! :)

Kanan said...

Thank you, Beth! :) this was such a fun week, many thanks to you. I really wish I had some of these clothes... may be I should just be courageous and get them stitched. What say! ;)
Leena looked so beautiful in so many films/songs... IMO, Leena fell under the *patakha* (firecracker) category like Mumtaz. I absolutely love how she looks in this one: jaane kyon log mohabbat kiya karte hai and my other favorite of hers is this badminton song dhal gaya din (it's totally fun number)! A couple of other numbers of hers for you to check out.