Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jai Maadhav Madan Muraari

I've been listening to these bhajans during my drive to/from work. Getting quite addicted to them. I like all of them so much but this one I've been humming since the morning so decided to share it. I found the audio on youtube and it's wonderful; great work by Jagjit & Chitra Singh. Do check it out.

jai maadhav madan muraari (4)
jai keshav kali mal haari (3)
jai maadhav madan muraari

sundar kundal nain vishaala (3)
gale sohe vaijantimaala (2)
yaa chhavi ki balihaari (2)
jai maadhav madan muraari (2)

kabahoon loot loot dahi khaayo (2)
kabahoon madhuban raas rachaayo (2)
naachat bipin bihaari (2)
jai maadhav madan muraari (2)

karunaa kar draupadi pukaari
karunaa kar draupadi pukaari
pat mein lipat gaye banvaari (2)
nirakh rahe nar-nari (2)

jai maadhav madan muraari (2)
jai keshav kali mal haari (2)
jai maadhav madan muraari

Album: Krishna Bhajans (1983)
Singers: Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh
Lyrics: Surdas?


Rakesh @ ~TimePass~ said...

A couple of weeks back I organised my JagjitChitra collection and while doing so had a wonderful time listening to his bhajans album. The same one you have written about.

I really like his renditions of some of the hindi old film songs.

Kanan said...

Rakeshbhai, it is just awesome!!! I love it. It's been playing on the tape since last few weeks and I don't feel like changing it. The old film songs that you mention, are those his original ones or he has sung other singers' songs?

Do keep those comments coming. Thx!

Anonymous said...

Browse above link and Click "Iskcon Chowpatty". Then go to the last video named "Wonderful Krishna". Its this bhajan enacted by small childern which you have posted the lyrics.

Btw, its Keshav Kali Mal Haari...Radhe Shyaam Shyaam Shyaam (and Not jai keshav kali balihaari)

Hare Krishna! :-)

Kanan said...

Anon, thank you for the lyrics correction and the link to the website. I've corrected the lyrics now. :)

Btw, what does "kali mal haari" mean?

Hare Krishna!
Jai Shri Krishna!