Sunday, January 18, 2009

Mohabbat Aisi Dhadkan Hai

Does it happen with you that you hear a song somewhere that you've never listened to before and then it just stays in your memory until you actually make an attempt to listen to it? This is one of those songs. I have no idea where I heard it first but it just got imprinted in memory... until today. One of the oldies by Lata ji where she sounds so different than her usual self. I guess this was the time when singers like Shamshad Begum ruled the HFM and everyone tried to be like that. I do like her as well but just something I noticed that how Lata ji changed her style of singing with time and I am glad she did.

Yet again I become a fan of Hasrat ji's lyrics, they're so beautiful and same with C. Ramchandra's music. Lovely song that is created by the hard work of all of these artists and many more behind the screen.

is intazaar-e-shauq ko jalvo ki aas hai
ek shamma jal rahi hai so aisi udaas hai

mohabbat aisi dhadkan hai
jo samjhaayi nahin jaati (2)
zubaan par dil ki bechaini
kabhi laayi nahin jaati (2)
mohabbat aisi dhadkan hai

chale aao chale aao taqaaza hai nigaahon ka (2)
taqaaza hai nigaahon ka
kisi ki aarzoo aise
to thukaraayi nahin jaati (2)
mohabbat aisi dhadkan hai
jo samajhaai nahin jaati (2)
mohabbat aisi dhadkan hai

mere dil ne bichhaaye hai sajde aaj raahon mein (2)
sajde aaj raahon mein
jo haalat aashiqi ki hai
woh batlaayi nahin jaati (2)
mohabbat aisi dhadkan hai
jo samjhaayi nahin jaati (2)
mohabbat aisi dhadkan hai

Film: Anarkali (1953)
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Music Director: Chitalkar Ramchandra
Lyrics: Hasrat Jaipuri
Picturized on: Beena Rai, Pradeep Kumar


Darshit said...

Wow., wht gr8 words? I need to find out this soundtrack.

Kanan said...

Darshit, yup, it is. :) Did you find it?

Nitin Telang said...

Very beautiful words and a good melodious song by lataji and C.Rmchandra.

D.K. Sharma said...

C Ramchandra was a great composer and Hasrat Jaipuri has written many beautiful songs. This one From Film Anarkali is a gem of all songs.
Lata Mangeshkar has sung it very beautifully. I too will sing it one day. I am looking for a suitable karaoke track.