Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bala ka husn gazab ka...

Just got to watch this film recently and I've yet again become a fan of yet another Rajshri film. They've done a wonderful job with this one and music is just fantabulous! I can't stop listening to this one and "kya soch ke aaye the" along with "lo ji hum aa gaye" and of course "jhirmir jhirmir meha barse". Oh and "dekhe akele" is also very beautiful.. can't wait to watch the film again soon.

It's great fun to listen to a ghazal, a qawwali and numerous other romantic songs and a bhajan. Ravindra Jain rocks! Shreya gives voice for Eesha and Shaan's the voice of Sonu, wish they'd taken Sonu Nigam for him though.. but still Shaan's not bad. And Suresh Wadkar sings the songs for Rajshri's all time favorite dad - Alok Nath. Don't miss this album and the film!

bala ka husn gazab ka shabaab neend mein hai (2)
hai jism jaise gulistaan gulaab neend mein hai (2)

usse zaraa sa bhi padh lo to shaayari aa jaaye (2)
abhi ghazal ki mukkammal kitaab neend mein hai (2)

machal rahi hai mere dil mein deed ki hasrat (2)
woh daale chehre pe neela naqaab neend mein hai (2)

woh inqalaab uthaata hai le ke angadaayi (2)
sawaal jaaga hua hai jawaab neend mein hai (2)

Film: Ek Vivaah Aisa Bhi (2008)
Singer: Shaan
Music Director: Ravindra Jain
Lyrics: Ravindra Jain
Picturized on: Sonu Sood, Eesha Koppikhar

Video clip of the song:


theBollywoodFan said...

I agree with your assessment of the film. There were several gaps in its execution (could have been shorter!), and the film was not very practical in some ways, but it works for the Rajshri fan base, and I happen to be part of it too :) Overall, a nice family entertainer. The songs made it tick, didn't they? This one in particular was integrated beautifully (really liked the scene immediately following too). And that ghazal v folk argument was very cool!

Kanan said...

TBF, I too like that scene following the song.. the neela naqaab one. :) It's amazing how they (director and actors) handled an awkward, embarrassing situation with such sophistication. And like you said, it could have been a much better film but I was fine with this package as well. At the end it sort of seemed like dragging and some parts of it were unrealistic but over all, the songs and storyline went together. I'll be listening to this album for the coming years, I know that for sure. Thanks for stopping by. :)

Darshit said...

Was music of the movie, that nice? I missed it. Let me listen to the album again, but after watching the movie.

Anonymous said...

Superb music and superb movie.. I liked the movie man. Thanks for the Lyrics

Kanan said...

Darshit, hi. I personally like Ravindra Jain's music as it has that traditional touch to it so this one definitely made it to my ipod. I enjoyed almost all of the songs. Movie is nice too, may be for some it might be too unrealistic but I think it's good. After all, I think Rajshri can't make bad movies so... :)

Rahul, thank you. :) Glad you too liked the movie and music. Welcome to my blog!