Friday, January 3, 2014

Jeevan Dor Tumhi Sang Baandhi

Raag Yaman Kalyan has been one of my favorite ones in recent times and subconsciously or otherwise I keep humming songs that are based on this raag so today as I sat down to listen to all of these songs on youtube, and discovered this beautiful melody by none other than Lata Mangeshkar. Oh how I wish I can go to Mumbai and meet her once. Just once. I'd feel more blessed. The song is out of this world and it's thanks to LP music. Bharat Vyas has penned this one. Wish I also got to see the video of the song... absolutely love everything about this one!

jeevan dor tumhi sang baandhi (2)
kya toDenge is bandhan ko
jag toofaan aandhi re aandhi

ho na sake kabhi hum tum nyaare (2)
do tan hai ek praaN hamaare
chaahe mile path mein andhiyaare
chaahe ghire ho baadal saare
phir bhi rahoongi tumhaari tumhaari
jeevan dor tumhi sang baandhi
jeevan dor

(so love the violins here!)

yoon ghul-mil rehna jeevan mein
jaise rahe kajra akhiyan mein
teri chhabi chhaayi rahe man mein
tera hi naam rahe dhadkan mein
tere daras ki main pyaasi re pyaasi
jeevan dor tumhi sang baandhi (2)

kaisa mujhe vardaan mila hai (2)
tum kya mile bhagwaan mila hai
ab to janam bhar sang rahega
is mehndi ka rang rahega
tere charaN ki main daasi re daasi
jeevan dor tumhi sang baandhi (2)

Film: Sati Savitri (1964)
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar
Music Director: Laxmikant Pyarelal
Lyrics: Bharat Vyas
Picturized on: ?



Ava Suri said...

I love this song. In fact I love all the songs of Sati Savitri. They are very pleasing.

Btw in the first line of the first stanza the lyrics are
Hon na sake kabhi ham tum nyare

IMDB lists the heroine of the movie as Anjali Devi.

Kanan said...

Ava, thank you so much for your comment and correction. :) Nice of you. I completely fell in love with this song. I'll surely listen to all other songs from Sati Savitri. Thx.