Friday, June 15, 2007

Warning: Music India Online installs Viruses, Spyware

This is a note to self and for those music lovers who go on to listen to music. Their site spreads viruses and spyware on your personal computers. I will have to stop visiting the website because the cleanup of the PC is such a pain in the neck.. literally I got a headache and backache resolving issues with my PC after MIO installed virus and spyware at two different instances. Seriously, these guys need to just realize that pop-ups and advertising is fine, when they're offering a free service, but virus? and spyware? WHY?

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ravik said...

I experienced a similar problem. Don't think they do it intentionally, but it
happens. My PC had to be reimaged. I
had tech. support from Dell, but even
they failed to clean it.
At work I have a linux machine which
is better.
BTW, as of this posting, the site has been
down for hours. Wonder why.